PLEASE NOTE: This link includes audio. You can view other cameras by choosing from the menu at the top.

Peregrine falcons have been resident in the downtown Utica, NY area for several years. Please check out the stories of Maya and Tor – the original pair – and Astrid and Ares – the current pair on the History Tab. Don’t forget to check out the wonderful video archive too!

To view a live feed of the nest box select the Falcon Cam tab and choose either Camera 1 (White Wash), 2 (Perch View) or 3 (Fish Eye). The YouTube choice provides the same view as #3 but includes audio!

Check out the breeding log for updated information from this nesting season

Please help us to enhance this project by donating! We will always need additional funding as we plan to continually expand and enhance the project. Possible options include additional sites for nest boxes in other areas and possible nest sites for other birds such as Osprey.  We have also begun to bring an educational component into area schools. Thank you all for your continued support of this amazing project!